Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Availability

  • Is the Morgan 3 Wheeler available to buy in the USA?

    The Morgan 3 Wheeler is no longer in production, however second hand examples are available to buy in the USA through pre-owned dealerships. The Morgan 3 Wheeler was a unique model in Morgan’s lineup, featuring a retro-inspired design with a V-twin engine and three wheels. It is a popular choice among driving enthusiasts looking for a unique and thrilling experience on the road. Morgan launched a newer three-wheeled automobile in the form of the Super 3 in 2022. Super 3 is due for release in the USA during 2023.

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  • Is the Aero 8 available to buy in the USA?

    Morgan stopped producing the Aero 8 in 2018. It is therefore not available to buy in the USA.

  • Is the Plus 8 available to buy in the USA?

    The Plus 8 is currently not available for sale in the USA. Morgan Motor Company stopped producing the Plus 8 in 2018.

  • Is the Super 3 available to buy in the USA?

    The Super 3, Morgan’s latest three wheeled model, was launched in February 2022. It will be available to order in the USA later in 2023. Follow the Morgan social media channels or join the mailing list to stay up to date with any updates.

  • Is the Plus Four available to buy in the USA?

    Yes, the Morgan Plus Four will be available to buy in the USA in the future and is currently undergoing homologation and emissions certification as required by the US regulatory bodies. The Plus Four is one of the newest models from Morgan, and it was introduced in 2020. It features a modern design and is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The Plus Four is available with an automatic transmission to begin with, and customers in the USA will be able to purchase it  from authorized Morgan dealerships in the future.

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  • Is the Plus Six available to buy in the USA?

    At this time, the Plus Six is not available for purchase in the United States, and there are currently no plans to offer it for sale in the future.

General Queries

  • Does Morgan have any dealerships in the USA?

    Yes, Morgan has 14 dealerships in the USA. You can locate your nearest dealership using the dealer locator tool on the official Morgan Motor Company website. These dealerships offer sales and aftersales support for Morgan cars in the USA.

  • What models does Morgan offer in the USA?

    Morgan currently is set to offer two models in the USA, the Super 3 and the Plus Four. The Super 3 is a three-wheeled sports car with a classic design, while the Plus Four is a four-wheeled sports car with modern performance and technology. Both models are designed and handcrafted at the Morgan factory in the UK. Customers in the USA can contact their local Morgan dealership to inquire about ordering either of these models and understand the latest homologation and delivery timescales.

  • Does Morgan Motor Company sell its cars directly to customers in the USA?

    Morgan Motor Company does not sell its cars directly to customers in the USA. Instead, the company sells through a network of 14 dealerships across the country. Customers can locate their nearest dealer by visiting the Morgan Motor Company website and using the dealer locator tool. Once a customer has found a dealer, they can contact the dealer to discuss their purchase and financing options.

  • Does Morgan Motor Company offer financing options for its cars in the USA?

    Morgan Motor Company offers financing options for its cars in the USA through its network of dealerships. However, specific financing options and terms may vary depending on the dealership and location. Prospective buyers can inquire about financing options and get more information by contacting their local Morgan dealership or by visiting the company’s official website.

  • How long does it typically take to receive a new Morgan car after ordering?

    The production time for a new Morgan car varies depending on the model and specification. It typically takes between six to 12 months from the time of order to delivery. However, this timeline can be affected by a variety of factors, including the availability of certain components and the complexity of the build.

  • What is the price range for Morgan cars in the USA?

    The price range for Morgan cars in the USA varies depending on the model and specification. As of 2023, the Super 3 has an MSRP of around $54,000 (excluding tax, title, license, dealer and destination fees). The prices of Morgan cars can also vary depending on any additional options or features added to the base model. Please check with your supplying dealership for final pricing.

  • Can I test drive a Morgan car before purchasing?

    Yes, it is possible to test drive a Morgan car before purchasing. Morgan has a network of 14 dealerships across the USA, and these dealerships will have test drive vehicles available soon.  Watch this space for further details on vehicle availability or contact your dealership to stay informed. You can locate your nearest dealer, and then contact them to stay updated on when test drives will be available. Test driving a car before making a purchase is a great way to get a feel for the vehicle and see if it is the right fit for you. It also allows you to experience the unique driving experience that Morgan cars are known for.

  • Do Morgan cars have a wooden chassis?

    No, Morgan cars do not have a wooden chassis. All chassis structures on current Morgan sports cars are made from aluminum and have never been wooden. However, ash wood is still used to construct the body frames on the Plus models, which is a traditional technique that has been used by Morgan for many years. The use of wood in the body frame construction gives Morgan cars their unique and timeless look.

  • Are Morgan cars handmade?

    Yes, Morgan cars are handmade. Morgan sports cars are built using traditional coachbuilding techniques in the Morgan factory in Malvern, UK. Skilled craftsmen use a combination of hand tools and modern equipment to create each Morgan car. This meticulous process ensures that each car is unique and of the highest quality. The handmade aspect of Morgan cars is part of what makes them so desirable to collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

  • Where are Morgan cars built?

    Morgan cars are built in Malvern, Worcestershire, which is a town located in the West Midlands region of England, UK. The Morgan factory is situated on Pickersleigh Road in Malvern and has been the home of Morgan production since 1913. Morgan is a British car manufacturer and has always been based in the UK. The company is proud of its heritage and the fact that its cars are handmade in the UK

  • Is Morgan Motor Company British?

    Yes, Morgan Motor Company is a British sports car manufacturer that was founded in 1909 by HFS Morgan. The company is still based in Malvern, Worcestershire, in the UK, and builds its range of models in this location. Morgan is known for its timeless design, and has a reputation for producing handcrafted, high-quality sports cars that are beloved by car enthusiasts around the world. Morgan has a strong association with British engineering and craftsmanship, and its cars are often seen as a symbol of British motoring heritage.

  • Who is the CEO of Morgan Motor Company?

    The CEO of Morgan Motor Company is Massimo Fumarola, who joined the company in April 2022.